Is Apple iOS Piracy like the days of the Commodore 64?

Is Apple iOS Piracy like the days of the Commodore 64?

Back in the day…yes this is longwinded…. in the 80s that is…. there was a rivalry between Commodore 64 users and Atari XL/XE users. Who had the better home computer? Well, for some the answer equated to, “Who had the most software?” because if your buddy had 200 games and you had 20, then it was tough to argue your system was better. People would trade disks temporarily to play their friend’s arsenal of games but…. many times they would take it a step further…..see, if you had the money you would purchase a 2nd 1541 Disk Drive, take it to the Commodore dealer and have it hard-wired to be Device 9 (or 10 or 11). Then, you could basically use copy software (that was intended for *backup purposes*) and PIRATE certain games quickly since you now had a source and destination Disk Drive. The software called “Maverick” comes to mind for some reason. Unfortunately, this type of piracy spread and you find people now loaning piles of pirated software to someone in exchange for another pile of pirated software,…..then pirate that loaned pile, and so on……Yes, and there was CRACKED software, and so on…..

Why the long winded story you ask? Well, it is 2019 and now you see sites that discuss cracking iOS mobile applications and then uploading them to file transfer-type sites….and some call them ‘stores’……but, really, if you think about it – IT IS PIRACY. As a developer, I work long and hard on my mobile apps…..I sometimes get a review that says, “This should be a FREE app”……my answer is: REALLY? Who works for FREE? Yes, I have a lot of FREE software but that is purposeful, for religious reasons….but a game or utility or an Apple Watch app……they take time. Are we regressing, haven’t learned our lesson from the past? Piracy is wrong. Don’t do it. Would you go to work, come home and have the boss call you up and tell you that ….Well, you worked for FREE and guess what – that idea or product you made…..well, its going to be given to EVERYONE for FREE. Apple iOS applications are just that – work. It takes a developer time to trudge through the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) and get something to the market. Oh! Think of the Apple computer or computers a developer needs to buy…..and….oh, a device like an iPhone or iPad for testing purposes…..then there is the Apple Developer License to buy……and….well, if you want to spin up a business you need to pay an accountant to help with that. Point here is: Startup costs are not small to be an iOS developer. I can’t go to the thrift store and pickup an older PC with Windows 7 and start developing – like one can do for an Android. In conclusion, I think developers need to band together to shut down some of these sites. It’s gut wrenching to think someone has cracked your binary and make your hard work available for FREE….it is stealing.

-Angelo Koutsogiannis

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