Apple’s Application Loader

Apple’s Application Loader

Did you know that your Xcode install comes with a standalone program called: Application Loader? Let me explain what this is for and when you may find it useful.

First, a little background will help you. When you are finished with either a BETA version or Production version of your application prepare to send it to Apple by going to Product->Archive. This will build the application for submission. Now, submission can be for TestFlight or straight to Production distribution. After the build completes the Organizer appears and there is this button entitled, “Distribute App”. When I select this I find myself following the prompts and having the Xcode Organizer push this straight to iTunesConnect.

Pause here.

You don’t have to do this. You can actually export the binary to your desktop if you want and exit Xcode.

Why do this you ask?

Well, that is where the Application Loader comes into play. You can then later start the Application Loader, select the developer program, select your binary and let this standalone program push to iTunesConnect!

Wait – you say…. what do you mean ‘select the developer program’?

Answer: If you work at a large corporation that has multiple developer programs paid for then maybe the app you are pushing to iTunes is not the default one you have selected in Xcode!

Another reason – could be that your company firewall is actually hindering Xcode from pushing this to iTunesConnect!!!! So……you export the binary, get onto a hotspot (or off the company network), use the Application Loader and quickly upload your binaries using this nifty, standalone program!

Check it out – experiment with it – you may find it handy like I do.

-Angelo Koutsogiannis

Yummy and Yummy, LLC.

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